Modern and

Effective Solutions

in the Automation,

Control and Sensing 


We specialize in tailor-made systems to provide the ultimate solution to your problem. 



Helping you find the right hardware and software solution.

We know that our clients never face the same challenges and that is why we specialize in customized/tailormade systems to provide the ultimate solution to your problem. We believe that utilising technology the growth of your business can be accelerated, and we are here to facilitate and secure the process of growth through technology.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

With expertise in hardware as well as software design, we can assure a state-of-the-art solution that can solve any problem imaginable.

Smart Phone Outline

With AutomaTech Cloud you are able to log in using the web application and see your sensor data from any internet enabled device.

We provide SMS and Email notifications that will be sent to you as soon as any predefined conditions are met. Data reports can also be received via email - anytime, anywhere.

Valuable Data
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Data is the key to understanding your environment and industry. Through data a business can make quality decisions to secure growth and progress. We believe that providing customers with accurate data, we can accelerate the growth of their business.

Tailormade Solutions

We specialize in customized/tailor-made systems to provide the ultimate solution to your problem. This means we develop each system to the requirements of our customers ensuring that our solution meet the exact needs and answers to all problems faced by our clients.


Be sure that you are on top of your business by always knowing what the current conditions are, and have the peace of mind that we are monitoring it.

Relations and Support

With deep roots in agriculture, we realize the importance of relationships between customers and service providers and thus we can pride ourselves in always providing a specialized service and support on a personal level whilst always maintaining professional relations with our customers.