About AutomaTech (Pty) Ltd

Why Choose Us?

AutomaTech strives to provide modern and effective solutions in the automation, control and sensing industry. We know that our clients never face the same challenges and that is why we specialize in customized/tailormade systems to provide the ultimate solution to your problem. We believe that utilising technology the growth of your business can be accelerated, and we are here to facilitate and secure the process of growth through technology.


With deep roots in agriculture, we realise the importance of relationships between customers and service providers and thus pride ourselves in providing a specialised service on a personal level whilst always maintaining professional relations with our customers.





We have helped farmers achieve the solution they have always imagined, and they can now have the ease of mind that our systems is monitoring their processes and conditions for them.



With our monitoring systems and wireless smoke and CO sensors, we have helped wine farms and the hospitality industry to control the conditions to fall within regulations.


Feel free to contact us with regards to any development you need to be done. We can assist you to achieve the solution you have been dreaming about, using state-of-the-art technology.



We believe that we can empower growth with fast and reliable real data, and we have been doing exactly that. By supplying businesses with accurate frequent data, they can focus on problem areas and achieve real growth and improve their business activities.

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Fuel Sorted


Fuel management, the easy way!

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Thatch Consulting, Drenching Systems and more.

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Reliable Frost Protection.